Shell's restaurant, located "On The Way To The Beach" in Port Aransas, Texas, can be described as a Mecca for both local foodies and tourists seeking seriously good food. Established by Heber Stone (along with his wife Karen and son Heber Stone, Jr.), Shell's definitely shakes off the "old and tired" and gets down to "real food".

Heber Stone began his culinary training with the Omni Hotel Corporation under the tutelage of European Chefs and Food and Beverage Directors. Here he learned all aspects of traditional European cuisine as well as the finer points of restaurant operations and managment. His apprenticeship continued at the trendy Aspin, Colorado restaurant, the Wineskin, under Chef Gert Rausch.

Heber's culinary career is highlighted by his many successful restaurants, including the legendary Courtyard Restaurant in Austin, catering to the likes of famous celebrities and politicians, including President George Bush, ZZ Top, James Michener, and "Lady Bird" Johnson. Other notable ventures include South Point Seafood with it's Gulf style seafood menu and Hudson's on the bend, which featured new and daring recipes, such as rattlesnake cakes and wild game.

After satisfying his dreams and desires to provide novel and unique menu items, and having developed and built several major and highly successful restaurants, Heber moved his family to Port Aransas in order to "kick back" for awhile.

patioIn 1996, Heber opened Shell's, creating an ambiance of a warm, inviting neighborhood restaurant, offering a creative and far ranging menu, reflecting his knowledge of a variety of world cuisines. One just has to explore the menu to see such European influences as he Seared Foie Gras with Carmalized Apple Slice and Aged Balsomic Vineger; the Fusion of "Far East meets the Mediteranean" Capellini with Mixed Seafood, Wood Mushrooms, Roasted Roma Tomatoes, Kiffer Lime Leaves, Lemongrass & Cilantro in a Thai Curry Coconut Broth; the Mexican influenced "Aquacades Tampico" Tampico Style Crab and Avocado Salad. It is no wonder that Shell's has enjoyed success, drawing locals, tourists and old customers from his former restaurants.

Heber himself sums it all up nicely, "We are not here to create some hoity-toity image. I want to cook some seriously good food". Quality Food at Affordable Prices – Shell's delivers on that promise!


San Antonio Express News March 7, 2004
Dinner at Shell’s Pasta & Seafood, another island favorite that I have somehow missed in my previous trips. The owner of one of the local wine shops had sung some Shell’s praises so highly, you might have thought she was on the payroll. After dinner I could understand her enthusiasm.

The tiny dining room is far from pretentious with its vinyl-topped tables snugly fitted close to each other. The friendly staff is more interested in your order than being polished to the point of being standoffish. And the food is a healthy mixture of Italian comfort food favorites, including an array of tantalizing pasta dishes, and some coastal cuisine that’s listed on the chalkboards.

I started with a tray of olives roasted in rosemary that disappeared all too quickly, followed by thin slivers of robustly pink tuna sashimi with a colored coordinated mixture of pink pickled ginger and green ginger roe on the side. The main course was an excellent piece of ling with a cooling chili-lime salsa and an intriguing garnish of lime radish slices.

Shell’s soared into the stratosphere with dessert, a slice of sublime sachertorte, dense chocolate cake with brandied apricot jelly filling. The whole cake is then encased in bittersweet chocolate glaze, and each serving comes topped with whipped cream. Every detail, down to the admirably restrained use of sugar in the whipped cream was perfect.

Lubbock Magazine April 2010
Shell’s Pasta & Seafood is a small, popular restaurant serving an eclectic menu of steaks, pasta, fresh seafood and Asian-themed dishes at 522 E. Ave. G. The dining room is small, so get there early and expect a wait.

Texas Highways March 2010
Friday-night dinner, we held court at one of nine tables at Shell’s Pasta and Seafood, whose specials that night included local blue crab cakes – delicately seasoned with a perfect balance of crabmeat and breadcrumbs.